Healthy Aging General Fund
  • Your contribution to the General Fund will allow the Health in Aging Foundation to use your donation where it’s needed most.
Public Education Fund
  • Your contribution to the Public Education Fund supports older people and their caregivers having free access to up-to-date information on health and aging developed by geriatrics experts. The Health in Aging Foundation’s public education resources support us all to live our best lives as we age.
Hurria Memorial Award Fund
  • Your contribution to the Hurria Memorial Award Fund is supporting the next generation of clinician investigators in internal medicine who are dedicating their careers to improving care of older adults through a research career focused on aging. This program was established in honor of the late Dr. Arti Hurria, a geriatrics oncologist, who led early efforts to integrate geriatrics into the internal medicine specialties.
Rising Stars Fund
  • Your contribution to the Rising Stars Fund will support travel stipends for trainees (students, residents, doctoral candidates, fellows) and new investigators to attend the American Geriatrics Society Annual Meeting and other AGS meetings to present their research, attend educational sessions, participate in mentoring programs, and network with senior leaders and peers. Supporting young people with exposure to geriatrics early in their careers is creating the future health professionals we all will need as we age.